Dining Table 2018
Rock R




Rock R

Dining Table


Weight (Kg):

Volume (m3):


146 - 196 - 242

1 - 1,2 - 1,3 -

220 - 280 - 320

Introducing the best-selling table from our brand, an icon of style and functionality. Available in three tabletop lengths – 220, 280, and 320 centimeters – this table seamlessly adapts to a variety of settings and needs.

What truly sets it apart is the option to choose between two premium materials for the tabletop: wood essence or marble. This choice allows for personalization according to individual tastes and styles, offering a range of finishes that seamlessly integrate into any decor.

Furthermore, the table’s base can also be upholstered in quilted leather, adding a touch of luxury and refinement to the overall design. This additional detail not only provides visual comfort but also a sense of warmth and welcome to the surrounding environment.


Our non-stop search for fine and functional materials is summarized in a careful selection, aimed at satisfying a wide range of needs. This refined selection of materials finds its expression in these pages. Each component is designed to combine durability and refinement. The attention to detail is not only aesthetic, but reflects the intrinsic quality of the materials too. Through innovative processes we create tailor-made combinations that give life to iconic furniture, elevating living spaces to new heights of intelligent luxury.


Thanks to years of experience and a deep understanding of the luxury furniture sector, our designers create exclusive collections that embody timeless elegance.
Every detail is taken care of with precision, from distinct shapes to refined finishes, offering furnishings that convey an aura of luxury and refinement in every environment. Their creations are the result of a tireless passion for excellence and a unique vision that translates into furniture pieces that are true masterpieces of art and design.

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