In the art of interior design, the careful selection of materials and fabrics is fundamental to create unique environments that reflect the style and personality of their inhabitants. Every choice, from the opulence of fabrics to the strictness of materials, contributes to shaping the atmosphere and defining the sensory experience of the spaces.


Our non-stop search for fine and functional materials is summarized in a careful selection, aimed at satisfying a wide range of needs. This refined selection of materials finds its expression in these pages. Each component is designed to combine durability and refinement. The attention to detail is not only aesthetic, but reflects the intrinsic quality of the materials too. Through innovative processes we create tailor-made combinations that give life to iconic furniture, elevating living spaces to new heights of intelligent luxury.


A selection of fine materials is the base of our accurate research. From refined fabrics to delicate velvets and finely leathers, each element is a statement of style and comfort. Textile innovation meets the concreteness of daily needs, transforming interiors with uncompromising elegance and functionality


A space dedicated to research and trial with new, sustainable and ecological materials.
An area where you can truly innovate through new combinations of textures and finishing, play with colors and styles and create a tailored interior solution that responds to home personality.

Sample Box

The new collection of samples is an indispensable working tool, and aims to be an inexhaustible source of inspiration, presenting twelve new mood boards differentiated for weaves and compositions. From bi-elastic fabrics to flame-resistant ones, passing through deco textures and three-dimensional, material-like appearances.
An audacious, glamorous, and international collection inspired by the contemporaneity of organic shapes, offering a journey through a panorama of luxurious fabrics, nuances, and rare pattern combinations.
Fabrics composed of natural fibers such as cotton and viscose, mixed together to create a luxurious show of shine and matte. In addition to the huge range of fabrics, the collection includes leathers such as full grain, suede effects, and nubuck with a soft touch.

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